Case Study: How I Produced more Breastmilk within 3 days

Breastfeeding was on my mind from the time I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. At this very moment, my mind was already made up. I knew then what I was going to do. Why? Breaking down the pros and the cons. The pros outnumbered the cons. Hands down!
With my health condition and the thought of saving money to buy other things rather than formula. You’re gosh darn right! I would be breastfeeding my baby for as long as my body would allow. Chile just the thought of buying Formula is pretty pricey. Plus with all the craziness in the world, you never know what’s being put in the formula. I just didn’t agree with it. I wanted my baby to have the best milk supply possible. Let’s face it I’ll enjoy the process of creating a greater bond between us. 🥰

The best decision I made for my baby! Hands down — breastfeeding! Period Pooh!
As a Mom, have you ever sat down and thought to yourself.
How do they make the formula?
What’s the process that it goes through?
I know I did.
With all those thoughts running through my mind. I took the time to set an appointment with my potential pediatrician at the time. She told me straight up. Formula ain’t for everybody. The formula goes through a “chemical process” with added ingredients and preservatives. Just like the can goods that you think are healthy or good for you. Just because you read the label. She said anything that’s on the shelves especially formula and bottled water has been sitting for months before you finally bought it. You as a parent have to make the best decision possible for your child. 😢

It was a lot of information to process but I asked for it. I thank God she told me. Without any hesitations either. From that point I started eating carrots, steel-cut oatmeal, spinach, broccoli, salmon, taking prenatal vitamins every day with a scoop of yogurt (first off that pill is not your average pill, the second I didn’t want to feel nauseous after taking it, third foods like yogurt or oatmeal I would put a huge scoop of yogurt in my mouth then put the pill on top of that and swallow). I’m telling you I was getting my body ready for that good ole breast milk. Yes, Chile I was!
Fast forward delivery day came. I had my hospital bags at the door. Guess what! No sign of labor but still on bed rest for my heart. 7 days passed by so fast and guess what! Yep, you guessed it NO sign of labor. Another 7 days passed still NO sign of labor. I kept telling my doctor I want my baby to come when they’re ready. As long as my baby healthy no issues or complications. I’ll wait for it. So 3 days later I’m playing with my dogs and a trail of liquid comes streaming down my leg. I said to myself I know dang on well I didn’t just pee on myself. So I called my doctor she wanted me to come in right away, “Your water might have broke”. Guess What! It didn’t, everything still intact, baby healthy, haven’t dilated. So, I scheduled my induction date because my baby was taking sweet little time. Then all of a sudden, Bam 💥! My baby made such a grand appearance. I couldn’t wait to get my baby on the tittie.

The delivery Doctor placed my baby on me. I whipped out my boob like yeah this going to be a piece of cake. Lord, it wasn’t a piece of cake. Hurt like crazy. Not enough milk. Baby sucking me dry. I cried and cried. The Lactation Nurse came in and said oh you’re doing “Awesome”! Your baby just requires more milk and it will come. The Nurse was teaching me all types of techniques to “Let Down My Milk” as she called it. I was trying it faithfully. Still, my baby required more milk. So, I remembered what I had learned some months ago. I had to stay on top of my diet eating carrots, oatmeal, spinach, broccoli, and salmon to get the most milk supply.
I got home from the hospital started drinking Mother’s Milk Tea with fenugreek seeds. Eating the foods above consistently rather constant around the clock. Now, what instantly doubled, tripled my milk supply. You’re not going to believe it. I started juicing my carrots with a piece of papaya in it. MY GOD, MY GOD juicing these two together increased everything for me. It is a game changer. Once I noticed this, I couldn’t slack off and eat whatever I want because it will most definitely without a doubt. Decrease my milk supply. I stay faithful and true to this diet. Still now til this day, my baby is 39 months old. I still pump and breastfeed — with no decrease in supply. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have to drink Gallons of Water still to this day. Water plays a huge part in this as well.

Important Factor in Breastfeeding

Products I have tried but didn’t work for me * Brewers Yeast and Instant Oatmeal * My Oatmeal has to be Steel Cut. No cut corners with that. Brewers Yeast made me gassy, broke my skin out, and still didn’t help increase milk supply.
Different strokes for different folks. I have read the reviews on Brewers Yeast some people raved that Brewers Yeast worked wonders. It didn’t for me.

Originally published at on December 12, 2020.



The information we consume and retain is powerful. It is even more powerful when we use it.

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The information we consume and retain is powerful. It is even more powerful when we use it.