20101: How I Monetize a Small YouTube channel with less than 1000 subscribers

3 min readJan 7, 2021


“How I monetize my YouTube channel with 550 subscribers”

I am sharing with you my very own case study. This will not be a lengthy case study. So don’t worry I get to the point. On how exactly I monetized my struggling YouTube channel with only 550 subscribers. I’ve been growing my channel for 1.5 years. At the end of December I made it 550 subscribers. That’s a huge milestone for a small youtube channel. I was pretty anxious about this. For the simple fact I need money and I need it right away. Unfortunately, my channel is not like other YouTube channels you may find. I haven’t niche down like most recommended. For instance lifestyle vlogs, travel vlogs, mini house tours, pranks, and/or challenges. Nah! My channel is an informational channel that shares knowledgeable information that you may or may not know.

How do I gain more views on my channel?

mamaarane 2020 blog post stats

In beginning of 2020, I thought it would be a great idea to start writing blog post and use my videos in the post. This has gained me about 637 views in the whole year. It’s not a lot compared to other bloggers. I can honestly say for my channel that was a big step in gaining attraction. 637 views are better than 0 views. Wouldn’t you say!

If you have a blog and looking to gain attraction for both your blog and channel. This is one tip that will help you. Make a blog post using your video. That’s a double whammy for SEO search. When someone browses the internet and uses a tag. Your content shows up twice with your Blog & Videos.

How did I really Monetize a small YouTube Channel?

thinking about the many ways to monetize my channel

Enough of that. I’m sure you didn’t come here for that. Now back to the subject at hand. How I Monetized my Youtube Channel? Without reaching the required threshold, 1000 subscribers, and 4000 public watch time hours. There are other possible ways to monetize your channel without reaching youtube requirements. I have simply monetized my channel by using affiliate links in my description box. The best decision and eye-opener I made. I haven’t made thousands of dollars through my affiliate links. I have made a good amount to make ends meet.

If you’re someone like me with a small youtube channel and looking to make money. You should consider signing up to affiliate programs that can help you make money through your blog post and channel. I thought I couldn't make any money with my channel or blog unless I have reached my requirements.

Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Affiliate Marketing Programs









Convert Kit

Affiliate Marketing is one the best ways to earn money. When you read more into the each Affiliate Programs threshold or requirments. You will learn it’s not bad at all. I suggest you pick, do your research and start making money today.

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