3 Ways To Naturally Increase Breastmilk

3 min readSep 9, 2020


Breastmilk Supply

As a mother to a toddler who is still successfully breastfeeding. I highly encourage you to take these notes. I am prepared to share with you my secrets that help me to “Naturally Increase My Breastmilk Supply”. Not really secrets but it’s what I learned over time without the help of my lactation specialist.

Your Water Intake

The most common answer your Prenatal/Lactation Specialist tells you to do is drink plenty water. They don’t necessarily tell you “How” much water you such drink. To keep you well hydrate and produce breastmilk on demand and to store. Now the amount of water you should consume within a day for my fellow breastfeeding moms should go by your weight. If you weigh 224 pounds, you should be consuming this much water in ounces(224 oz). You can accomplish drinking this much in 32 oz increments. The key is to consume 32 oz every 2 hours. Here’s the math (your weight) 224lbs divided by (increments) 32oz equals (how many jugs) it will take for you to accomplish within a day = 7.

Foods To Helps Boost

Almonds, Anise Seeds, Carrots, Fennel, Fenugreek Seeds, Garlic, Sage, Steel Cut Oats, Sweet Potatoes and Unripe Papaya

Anise, Fennel & Fenugreek Seeds

You can consume the seeds or take the capsules, which ever you may prefer. From the foods I listed above. I’ve learned the most helpful way for me to consume the foods I’ve listed. I eat a whole bowl of steel cut oats with fenugreek seeds, cranberries, shredded almonds and honey 2 times a day.


Good ole Faithful Carrots — I normally juice a whole bag of carrots that will normally make about 16–20 ounces of juice. Then sit it in the frig to chill. If I don’t have the time to juice. I will eat a bowl of carrots with ranch or french onion dip.

Garlic & Sage

Most people would quickly say “NO” to garlic. Well let me tell you Garlic does wonders for your breastmilk. It does! I always put my garlic and sage in my food processor and fully blend them together. Now I can consume this in a warm cup of tea with honey. Garble It Right Down!!

Sweet Potatoes

Bake 2 Sweet Potatoes with my dinner and sweeten it up with brown sugar. Simple and Sweet!

Consistent Schedule

A Consistent Schedule ties everything together for your good. With your Water Intake and Specific Foods. It is imperative that you create a schedule for water intake, eating, pumping and breastfeeding on demand. Your body has to be on a schedule if not breastmilk supply with either slowing decrease or ultimately stop producing.

For example, The best time for me to pump is at 2:30 am. I normally pump for 45 minutes. Totally 6 full bags breastmilk. At 3:15 am right after pumping I have to drink a full 32 ounces of water. I do this because breastfeeding/pumping strips you of all your nutrition. Leaving you depleted.

Most women assume they can wing it but trust me you will notice a decrease in your supply. If you plan on breastfeeding from infant to toddler age. You have to be on schedule. It’s not a game!




The information we consume and retain is powerful. It is even more powerful when we use it.