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Constipation is three times more likely in women than in men.

Many Americans Today battle with Constipation on a daily basis. If you’re trying to target constipation reduction and regulate your bowels. You should consider eating insoluble fibers and drink plenty of water. This is important due to the fact that adding fiber to your diet without drinking enough water can create a plug inside your bowels. This is the problem we’re not trying to create. So if you’re increasing fiber intake, make sure it is an insoluble fiber and drink plenty water while doing it.

What is Constipation?

When a person passes less than three bowel movements a week, or has a difficult bowel movement.

Did you know?

Constipation can be due to dehydration

You wouldn’t believe how you’r diet and water intake can affect your bowel movements.

Did you know?

Constipation can be due to lack of fiber

Did you know?

Constipation can be due to medication interactions

Over the Counter Remedies

Tea Laxatives

  1. Organic Smooth Move Tea
  2. Natural Senna Leaf Tea
  3. Organic Cleanse Tea
  4. Triple Leaf Herbal Laxative
  5. Senna Leaf and Chamomile Laxative Tea
  6. Prunelax Tea

Over the Counter Laxatives

Cascara Sagrada

Is known as a Heavy Duty Laxative with a reputation as “The World’s Most Widely Used Laxative”. This reddish-brown bark used in many forms to stimulate the muscles of the intestinal wall. Cascara Sagrada is considered a harsh herb and should ONLY be taken for a short term basis. Cascara Sagrada has more beneficial properties you can benefit from. If you’re interested in learning more about Cascara Sagrada watch the video below.


Fiber is considered the “Mop of the Colon”. It mops up globs of cholesterol and cancer substances. Fiber Creates a cleansed and clear colon. Figs are rich in fiber and carries everything out of the body. If you’re interested in learning more about “ The Health Benefits of Figs “ and the benefits you can gain from it. Watch the video below.


You would believe this tiny Orange tart fruit helps to combat constipation, prevent cholesterol from damaging your arteries and protect against certain cancers. Apricots cut out the risk of lung cancer by 50%. Yes apricots has the capability to cut out the risk of lung cancer by half. Can you imagine yourself consuming apricots everyday and not only minimizing your risk of cancer but also warding off constipation.


Don’t be confused with Sunflower Seeds. These tiny seeds reduce cholesterol, increase breastmilk production, relieve diarrhea, minimize symptoms of menopause, control diabetes, relieve constipation among other benefits. The more and more fenugreek become widely known for it’s mucilage effects. The more people will become friendly to this herb and start consuming it on a daily basis. To relieve the daunting symptoms listed above.

Other herbs that help with Constipation: Dandelion, Goldenseal, Licorice, Slippery Elm, Red Raspberry and Buckthorn

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