Here’s Why You Should Add Chlorophyll

3 min readAug 7, 2021

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a natural liquid green pigment. This natural liquid green pigment comes from dark leafy green plants. Chlorophyll plays an important role in cleansing, reviving and, structuring all living elements including plants.

Types of Chlorophyll?

There are currently 6 different types of chlorophyll.

  1. Chlorophyll A
  2. Chlorophyll B
  3. Chlorophyll c1
  4. Chlorophyll c2
  5. Chlorophyll d
  6. Chlorophyll f

If you want to know more in-depth details about the 6 types of Chlorophyll. I will include the link here.

What is Chlorophyll used for?

Chlorophyll is used for acne, odor, wound healing, bad breath, boost your energy level, preventing cancer, stimulating the immune system, improving red blood cells and, internal natural deodorizer. Chlorophyll is not only used for plants. It is used in medicine as well to improve the health and wellness of animals and humans.

What does Chlorophyll do to the body?

This natural liquid green pigment is packed with vitamins and minerals. Chlorophyll is considered a “Super Green” which is used by plants, animals, and humans. Anyone can get the same nutrients from eating dark leafy greens. Most people either do not eat enough dark leafy greens or they do not eat them at all.

This Super Green is safe to take as a supplement in small dosages. Some reports state that Drinking Liquid Chlorophyll had some adverse effects. You could experience diarrhea, upset stomach, or green/blue stools. If applied externally you may experience tingling or an unpleasant sensation. If any of this occurs, make sure to contact your healthcare provider or discontinue use.

Does Chlorophyll Work?

In research, it is proven that Chlorophyll can benefit the lives of plants, animals, and humans. Chlorophyll works wonders for anyone suffering from body odor, excessive sweating, or help with wound healing. It even helps to control the odor in women on their menstrual cycle and relieve menstrual cramps.

When is the best time to take Chlorophyll Supplements?

Liquid Dietary Supplement:
It is best to drink Liquid Chlorophyll diluted in water first thing in the morning. It is good to drink this on an empty stomach. You can get the most energy by doing this. Make sure to drink it with a straw because Chlorophyll can stain your teeth. Also consume this drink 1 to 2 hours before leaving your house. Some reports state that Chlorophyll helps with bowel movements.
Capsule Supplement:
You can chose to consume capsule form at any time during the day. When consuming capsules it generally takes about 6 to 8 hours for it to completely dissolve in your digestive tract. This is why it consider OK to take at any time day or night.

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