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Dandelions are more than just beautiful flowers you see in two different stages. Dandelions are a part of the Cichorieae Tribe. The Cichorieae Tribe is a part of the Asteraceae plant family. They are primarily found in temperate regions of the Eastern Hemisphere.

In most Americans daily yard work. Dandelions are considered a nuisance to homeowners. When it comes to yard work. The first sight of a dandelion growing in your freshly cut grass is a pain in the loin.

Fun Fact: The Yellow/Orange Color Flower Head opens in the daytime and closes at night. Needing little to no sunlight to grow.

Vibrant Yellow/Orange Dandelions

The Dandelion Flower is commonly recognized around the world. It’s commonly recognized but the benefits of this beautiful flower are not as commonly known. Due to this, most people are overlooking this delicate flower and what it can do for you.

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An uncommon benefit of drinking Roasted Dandelion Root Tea on a daily basis. It has the power to treat anyone who is experiencing Halitosis (extremely unpleasant breath). That is right Halitosis can be treated with a simple tea. Keep in mind everything you put in your body has some sort of an effect.

With that in mind, Roasted Dandelion Root Tea has substantial properties that most Americans can benefit from.


Anti-Inflammatory Effects- combat inflammation

Lower Blood Pressure- an excellent source of potassium, help kidney filter toxins and improve blood flow

Improved Liver Health- filter harmful chemicals out of your food

Immune System Support- the presence of Vitamin C for effectiveness against seasonal colds

Treat Bad Breath Disorders

How to Use:

Consuming Organic Dandelion Root Tea daily has shown significant improvements to your digestive health. Improving Regular bile movements and bloating. It has also been shown to relieve urinary tract infections, the common cold and detoxing the body.

Roasted Dandelion Root Tea has been proven to get rid of Morning Breath. You know that foul-smelling breath you wake up with. That just disturbs you and anyone around you.

If you’re experiencing this, you will need to consume a full 16 oz cup of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea or take it in the capsule form before bed with a 16 oz cup of water. When taken daily on a routine schedule. Morning Breath will forever be gone.

Medication Interference:

Dandelion Root is a diuretic and shouldn’t be used with other medications or antibiotics. Due to this consult with your doctor before using this. To avoid any interactions that could cause complications.

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